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Trieste ‘99

02.06.19 18:12

Thoughts about Trieste

...Walking along the Molo Audace you always have the great view of the Sea. Everywhere is water and in the distance there will always be Castello Miramare. It´s beautiful to enjoy the view. 

But when you turn around you can see Trieste with all it’s huge buildings. It seems that a lot of architectures build palazzi in different ways. Everyone as he liked to. You also can see the Piazza dell’ Unità d’Italia which is really great, the big hotel and the Teatro Verdi and if you turn a little bit to the right sometimes there is lying a big ship going to Greece.

This is Trieste. If you stand at the end of the Molo you can also see the hill where San Giusto is lying. You can´t understand Trieste, you have to live it. Enjoy it, be sad there, funny, drunk, busy… Just be part of it. Walk around the places, hate the cats, the smell of death which is more or less everywhere. Listen to the noises of the pigeons and seagulls!

Sit down in a bar to drink a coffee, un caffè macchiato or something else and eat a brioche.

Let the spirit come in to you. Just walk around and discover the nice places…

Trieste is not an Italian city like others but it`s particular, it`s strange, it`s mad, busy….

…but Trieste remains always la nostra bella…


Kurze Gedanken und Beschreibung einer Stadt, die mich auch nach 20 Jahren noch faziniert!!


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Kurze Gedanken und Beschreibung einer Stadt, die mich auch nach 20 Jahren noch fasziniert!!