Waiting for the Sandman

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1. Kapitel: Little Sandman

In my dreams, there is walking

This little sandman.

I am quiet, he is talking.

Telling me he had a plan.


I ask him, why, what do you mean,

He opens his mouth, looks down.

"If you just wanted to be, maybe a queen",

He would give me the crown.


I can ask for what I want?

"I'll give you what I need," he answers.

That's something, I think, I'm rather fond.

"Watch out", he says, "that's not all the chances."


"See the light?," he'd say,

And I would nod.

Why? What is it you delay?

"That it is not."

I frown, look at him.

"I can tell you what you hear, give you what you want, you need,

I can start off and start to sing,

but in the end I merely carry out a deed."

He says.

And the sun makes him.

Burn to ashes


2. Kapitel: Another night

Just another night with sandman,

and not just him, also stars and the moon,

I would like to see them, if I can,

but that will happen no time soon.


I look at my little friend as he takes my hand,

he wants to show me the world, if I will.

Yes, of course, on your command,

sandman smiles and says: "Stand still."


I wait and wait, but no more movement,

Sandman? I ask in slight confusion,

should I maybe have been more prudent?

Is all this, him, maybe an illusion?


But yet he stands there, as old as new,

smiling at me, as far as I can tell,

"I smile only for very few"

and I smile back, relieved – very well.


Who else, if not me, are you smiling to?

He smiles, puts his finger on his lips,

"Tonight my smile is to you, and only you."
but I wonder, wasn't he someone for kids?

Someone I wouldn't like to kiss?

3. Kapitel: Oceans, Queens and Sins


When I close my eyes, I see his face,

I see his smile.

And yet, when I try to reach for his place,

it seems to have been a while.


Sandman is fumbling with pearls and cords,

I ask, what is it you are doing there?

Sandman looks up, "it's the lord's."

I am confused. Lord who? Lord where?


Sandman points on the sea,

"ir's our ocean,' he explains,

"our ocean, you and me."
You and me? Without the chains?


"Without the robes", he agrees,

I start to understands who he talks about,

He has no eyes and yet he sees,

He must be the lord, no doubt.


He nods, I am confused:

I haven't said a word.

Sandman is out of sudden amused,

"You don't need to speak to be heard."


I shrug and turn away from him,

we both see the sun draw closer,

approaching with all its sins,

Sandman, after all, knows her.